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My family and I found ourselves in an immigration situation. It involved prior political torture to me and my wife and current political torture and consequential death to my immediate family members still in Zimbabwe. Upon advice from an acquaintance we applied for Asylum and we went for the interviews in Houston Texas, however our petition was denied based on the 1year rule (we were required to have applied for relief within a year of our arrival)

This denial meant that we were immediately placed in removal proceedings and scheduled to appear before an immigration judge in Dallas. This was such a shocking turn of events for a family with two family members that had just been murdered the previous year , to imagine that we were faced with the possibility of being sent back to such an eventuality. It is at this point that we realized that we really needed professional legal help. Again we turned to friends and acquaintances for recommendation of a legal practitioner, and we were referred to the Law Office of Irene Mugambi.

At our first appointment with the attorney, we were so comforted by her ability to educate us of how the legal procedure works; we got to understand her expertise in this field of law. We understood clearly what was required from us and the deadlines. The conferences with the attorney were always informative, cordial and calming of any fears. This made us focus and able to corporate with the attorney in preparation for the day in court. By the time the day to appear before the judge came, the attorney had adequately prepared us through a meticulous process that enables you to handle the grilling cross examination and questioning by the government attorney and judge. Attorney Mugambi provided us access to reach her through phone, text and email; this made it easier to ensure that there was constant communication which is so essential for effective preparation and her representation

We thank God that today my family and I are enjoying life and fulfilling the purpose for our destiny here because someone recommended attorney Mugambi to us.

Ms Mugambi and her cordial staff became like family to us and coupled with her professional expertise and proven record, we could not have got a better attorney. We would like to recommend her unreservedly as that legal choice that you will not regret.

Once again thank you Ms Mugambi and your staff, words fail us to express our sincere gratitude to all the tireless help you rendered for the future of our family.

Dear Irene,

I have no words to describe how happy and fortunate I am to have had you as my lawyer. Here is what I could say about my experience working with you:

Irene Mugambi handled my case with knowledge and dedication, which made me feel confident because she knew what she was doing. She listens carefully and provides enough time during consultation. Ms Mugambi’s professionalism is the reason I highly recommend her, my recommendation is not just because of what I have achieved during my case but her strengths. The best quality of Ms Mugambi is Honesty and Trustworthy.
From the bottom of my heart I truly would like to thank Ms Mugambi what she did for me and my family.”

I hope you understand how I feel.


I am writing this review based on the services I received at the Law Offices of Irene Mugambi 

Not only is Irene exceptional and stellar in her work, she is intelligent. She knows exactly what to say to clients in a calming and professional manner. When she heard my case in 2008 (at the time I lived in Texas), she reviewed it thoroughly and told me upfront what she could and could not do. She mapped out the whole process to me and my husband and we were thoroughly convinced. We moved out of state and Irene told us that she could still handle my case. She proceeded to file my documentation while I was out of state. She told me what documents to send to her and she clearly said to me, “If you follow all my instructions and do as I say, we will have this case wrapped up in no time.”

I held onto her every word with so much trust. I was amazed at the beginning of 2009 when my first document was approved by the immigration office, just like Irene had stated. When the time came for me to file the rest of the documents, Irene asked me to follow her instructions once again, and to forward all the required documentation to her office. I did just that, and today, as we speak, my case has been resolved. I am happy and ecstatic to say that I am a proud permanent resident of the United States, thanks to Irene Mugambi‘s hard work and relentless efforts.

Irene promised me one thing — she told me that her motto is to unite families together, and that nothing gives her much joy when she sees that happening. She flat out told me that is why she is an immigration attorney — to see families united and happy. I took that to heart, and voila, the rest is history. Her attorney fees are very reasonable, and the firm offered me a payment plan which was a tremendous help to me and my family.

Irene’s staff is very professional and understanding. They handled my case with utmost respect and care. They corresponded with me via email or phone, and answered all the questions I had. They are very articulate, and they compliment Irene very well. One in particular made my day every time I called the office. Her name is Gabby. She is a very lovely person and very warm and calming to talk to. Janet and Esther handle all the day to day activities and filter any questions I had. I enjoyed talking to them all when I called the office.

I am honored to write this review on behalf of this law firm because of the good work they did for me and my family. I would not hesitate to solicit their services again — I would do it in a heartbeat. I strongly recommend anyone with immigration issues to contact the Law Offices of Irene Mugambi, because they will help you.