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Your Family Law Matters Are Our Concern

Are you seeking an adoption? Are you going through a divorce? Whether you are adding to your family or are closing a chapter in your life, your family law matters are too important to trust to an attorney who is not credible. With legal counsel from the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., to guide you, your future can be defined the way you envision. Call 214-504-1137 to speak with a lawyer in Dallas who can help you get results.

Personalized Representation For A Wide Range Of Family Legal Matters

You will find a range of opinions about how you should handle your divorce, child custody or adoption matter. Everyone’s situation is unique and we can help tailor a solution with your goals in mind. Our legal team offers a personalized approach to aggressively pursue strategies that are in the best interest of your family. We provide compassionate advocacy in a wide range of family law matters, including:

Divorce proceedings: Whether your divorce case is contested or uncontested, relatively simple or involves significant assets, we have a comprehensive knowledge of Texas divorce law that we apply to every case we handle.

Child custody: When your life change involves your children, we address all of the issues surrounding custody, parenting time, child support and any conflicts that may arise between parents.

Same-sex marriage: Now that same-sex marriage is recognized in Texas, many couples find themselves facing the same issues as traditionally married couples. We can help you navigate these waters and successfully resolve matters involving same-sex couples.

Rights of fathers: Many unmarried fathers are concerned that they will not be granted parental rights. We can help establish paternity so that you can have a relationship with your child.

Divorce mediation: Mediation is an alternative means of resolving divorce cases. This process is often less contentious and less expensive than a traditionally litigated divorce. We can let you know whether this may be an option for you.

Contact Us For Compassionate, Effective Help

Once we have a firm grasp of your current situation and goals, we will help evaluate the best approach and facilitate all the steps forward. Contact us by email or by calling at 214-504-1137 to make an appointment. We proudly serve families in Dallas and surrounding communities. Se habla español.