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We Take The Guesswork Out Of Adoption

Adoption is a journey and often an emotional one. The adoption process is complex, and the information coming at you may be more than you can absorb. Like any trip into unknown territory, preparation can make the difference between a smooth experience and one fraught with disappointments and difficulties.

Having an experienced attorney by your side every step of the way can make a big difference. We have been handling adoptions, both international and domestic adoptions, for more than a decade. We’ll guide you through the documentation and court proceedings to avoid any surprises and uncover any issues. Call our Dallas office at 214-504-1137 to make an appointment and begin your adoption process.

We Hold Your Hand Through The Process

Even if you are working with an agency, adoption is a joint effort. We can work together to help you successfully adopt your child domestically or internationally.

If you know the birth parents and plan to remain in touch after the adoption, the adoption is said to be open. If you do not wish to communicate after the adoption, it is a closed adoption.

To begin the adoption process, the child’s birth parents must voluntarily give up their parental rights by signing a document relinquishing all legal rights with regard to the child. If conflict arises between biological and adoptive parents, we can get involved with the adoptive parent’s rights and help enforce the policies that protect the best interests of the adopted child.

There are situations when the child is under the care of an orphanage or church organization. We ensure the adoption is legal and long-lasting, helping you avoid any surprises later.

We Help With All Legal Matters When It Comes To Adopting A Child

With an adoption lawyer by your side, you will receive qualified assistance with:

  • Interpreting adoption laws in the states or countries involved
  • Avoiding illegal adoption traps
  • Assisting you with the home study process and other steps to qualification
  • Working with international agencies and organizations throughout the adoption

Contact An Experienced Attorney

When you contact us, you are in the hands of an experienced, pleasant legal team that has extensive knowledge of adoption law. Either e-mail us or call 214-504-1137 to make an appointment. We proudly serve families in the Dallas, Texas communities. Se habla español.