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Why Choose Us?

Why should you consider hiring our law firm to help you with immigration or family law? First of all, we have decades of legal experience and understand how to effectively navigate the often complicated legal system. Secondly, we understand how overwhelming the system can feel for families and individuals. That is why we take the time to answer all of your questions and address your concerns as they arise. We take pride in making ourselves available and to helping families begin a new chapter in their lives.

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Working For You And Your Family

You want what is best for your family. Attaining what you want for your family is also important to the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C. — our immigration lawyers assist families every day.

If you are facing legal issues surrounding immigration, visas, divorce or adoption, we can help you. Call us today at 214-504-1137 or toll free at 866-743-9501. Our attorneys will take the time to sit down with you and help you understand all of your options and how we can help. Our aim is helping you form or re-form your family unit in the healthiest way possible.

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Advocates In Immigration Matters

We assist with the documentation for filing of visas for individuals in a variety of circumstances. We guide you through the family-based immigration process for short-term stays, citizenship requests and naturalization.

As your immigration manager, we can help you make adjustments to your visas, green cards, and assist with any status maintenance requirements. We fight for your immigration appeals, deportation/removal proceedings and asylum.

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Advocates Through Divorce

Our attorneys will assist with finding you resolution through divorce or separation, property division, alimony and violence protection. When children are involved, we can assist with finding you resolution through the divorce as well as child custody, child support, visitation and violence protection.

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Advocates In Adoption Issues

For domestic adoptions, with or without agency involvement, open or closed, we watch for fraudulent administration and facilitate a long-lasting adoption. We also assist in international adoptions, collaborating with agencies, consulates, orphanages or any other critical party to ensure long-lasting, legal adoption.