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At Your Side During Difficult, Life-Changing Times

Foreign nationals who are deemed inadmissible face serious consequences. For those who have overstayed their visa and are working illegally, they cannot simply adjust their status to permanent legal residency.

Those residing in the United States are barred from securing legal status and face deportation. If they are outside the country, they are barred from re-entering.

Exploring All Options To Stop Deportation

At the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., we help our clients with all types of waivers that can allow them to remain in the United States. Those include:

  • 601A Waivers – Local State Side — A 601 filing allows someone entering the U.S. illegally to become a permanent U.S. resident. After submitting the necessary documentation, the applicant must then leave the country and await approval for permanent residency.
  • 601 Waivers – Abroad — The process is similar, but applicants are residing outside of the United States.
  • H-Waivers for Criminal Offenses — Waivers are available for those already with green cards who have committed certain criminal violations. The waiver prevents the green card from being taken.

Irene Mugambi understands the stakes involved when her clients are facing deportation and separation from their family members. Operating a small firm allows her to provide hands-on, personalized legal advocacy for her clients in Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas communities.

If you are facing difficult, life-changing times, it is important to know that the threat of removal from the United States does not mean that deportation is inevitable. You have rights that need protection from a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

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