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Fighting For Your Rights And Freedom

Noncitizens facing accusations of deportable criminal offenses still have rights, even if they are being held in a detention facility. Those rights include defending themselves in court. However, being detained affects their ability to defend themselves in court.

To even the odds they face, detainees need an experienced and compassionate attorney who will help them secure an immigration bond, an important first step in fighting the charges against them.

Overcoming The Obstacles Involved In Securing An Immigration Bond

For more than 20 years, Irene Mugambi has helped overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds they face when incarcerated. Her experience as an immigration lawyer includes representing noncitizens held in Texas-based facilities where ICE has a strong presence. Those include Johnson County Detention Center and Prairieland Detention Center.

Before a noncitizen accused of a crime can be released, a bond must be set by an immigration judge and posted by the detainee. However, not everyone is eligible for a bond. A criminal past, current deportation order, or failing to show up for previous court appearances could disqualify a detainee. Conversely, deep local ties to family members and the community could help secure a bond.

At the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., we treat each client and case individually. Irene Mugambi takes the time to get to know her clients and the unique issues surrounding their cases. From there, she develops sound strategies to give her clients a fighting chance at freedom both now and long into the future.

Secure The Legal Help You Need

Start the immigration bond process now. Contact the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., in Dallas by calling 214-504-1137 or reaching our firm through our online contact form. Se habla español.