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Securing A Conditional Green Card

A conditional green card is granted to spouses of United States citizens and children of those spouses who are immigrating to the United States. The green card status is conditional on the marriage of the two, and these conditions apply for two years as the couple proves in good faith that they are truly married, building a record of the relationship. Immigration Services uses this two-year period as a probationary period of sorts in an effort to weed out fraudulent marriages.

At the end of the period, one or both of the spouses can file to have those conditions removed. This depends upon the proof provided that the marriage was in good faith.

Green Card Through Marriage — Protecting You And Your Family

Immigration Services is strict in its evaluation of the proof of your marriage. Mistakes can and do result in denial. It is critical that you have a skilled attorney on your side, helping you through the process.

At the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., we know exactly what must be done to assist you in your case. Our firm assists in filing for the conditional green card. Throughout the two-year period, we continue to monitor the situation, helping you put together the forms of evidence needed to prove your marriage was in good faith to the government. Our lawyers will appear with you at any necessary interviews or hearings. You can rest assured that we will oversee each step and act as your advocate through the entire process, protecting you and your family.

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To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your situation, how we can help you file for a conditional green card and how to best proceed through the two-year period, please contact our Dallas law firm today at 214-504-1137. You may also contact us online.