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Evening The Odds When Facing Criminal Charges

Criminal convictions carry significant penalties. From significant fines to prison sentences, lives are changed forever. Having a criminal record affects job pursuits and apartment hunting.

For green card holders, certain crimes can result in them losing their ability to become United States citizens.

Criminal defense attorneys lacking the experience necessary to handle immigration-related matters need to take proactive steps and contact the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C.

A Peer-Respected And Highly Trusted Immigration Law Attorney

Irene Mugambi enjoys a network of criminal defense lawyers who come to her for help with these complex legal matters. She serves as a trusted ally and consultant who possesses comprehensive knowledge of immigration law. That in-depth insight combined with her experience helps peer attorneys secure the best possible outcome for their clients.

For more than 20 years, the founder of our law firm has taken on thousands of immigration law cases. Many of those high stakes legal matters involved criminal charges potentially affecting the legal status of green card holders.

In addition to her legal practice, Irene Mugambi is also a high-profile speaker who has made presentations for peer attorneys and industry groups. Currently, she serves as the chapter secretary for the American Immigration Lawyers Association that covers Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. She is also a former liaison for USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) in their Dallas field office.

Minimize The Immigration-Related Consequences Your Clients Face

Place your trust in an immigration attorney who will look out for both her and your clients’ best interests. Call the Law Office of Irene G. Mugambi, P.C., at 214-504-1137. You can also reach our firm through our online contact form. Se habla español.