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Social media can block showing a marriage in good faith

Texas has about 5,098,492 immigrant residents, according to the American Immigration Council. Getting a green card through marriage requires a demonstration of the legitimacy of the union. In this digital age, people often post about their personal lives on social media platforms.

It is important to tread carefully to ensure that online presence does not become an obstacle to proving the authenticity of a marriage.

Social media surveillance

Social media has become a major part of modern life for immigrants and others. It provides a window into individuals’ worlds. Immigration officers are increasingly turning to these platforms to gather information about couples seeking green cards. Regular surveillance of social media accounts allows officials to assess the dynamics of the relationship. Officials may search for any signs that may suggest a marriage of convenience rather than one rooted in genuine commitment.

Perils of public displays

Publicly accessible social media posts can be a double-edged sword. Posting pictures, comments or status updates that appear inconsistent with a committed relationship can raise suspicions. For instance, frequent solo outings or interactions that lack the expected warmth are subject to misinterpretation as evidence against the good faith of the marriage.

Contradictions and inconsistencies

Immigration authorities pay close attention to discrepancies between the information they get during the application process and the content they find on social media. Any inconsistencies, such as conflicting narratives about the couple’s history or conflicting relationship statuses, can turn into red flags. They may trigger a more extensive investigation into the legitimacy of the marriage.

By being conscious of their digital footprint, couples can mitigate the risk of social media becoming an obstacle to demonstrating the good faith of their marriage.