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How to show your marriage is in good faith for a green card

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Green Cards

When applying for a green card through marriage, it is important to establish that your marriage is genuine and in good faith. U.S. immigration authorities closely scrutinize these applications to prevent fraud.

To increase your chances of success, you must provide compelling evidence that your marriage involves love and commitment.

Marriage certificate

There are about 12.9 million lawful permanent residents, or green card holders, in the United States. To join their ranks through marriage, you need a marriage certificate. Ensure it is legally valid and up-to-date. Present this document as proof of your marital status.

Joint financial records

Sharing financial responsibilities is a strong indicator of a bona fide marriage. Include joint bank account statements, tax returns filed jointly and bills in both names. This demonstrates your financial interdependence.

Lease or mortgage documents

If you and your spouse share a residence, provide a copy of your lease agreement or mortgage documents in both names. It affirms your commitment to a shared home.

Utility bills

Utility bills, such as electricity, water or gas, bearing both your names can help solidify your case. They showcase the day-to-day cohabitation of a married couple.

Insurance policies

Joint health, auto or life insurance policies can be valuable evidence. They highlight your intention to protect each other’s well-being and property.

Affidavits from family and friends

Gather affidavits from friends and family who can vouch for the authenticity of your marriage. They should provide details about your relationship, how they know you and their observations of your life as a couple.


Include photographs from various stages of your relationship, such as your wedding, holidays and family gatherings. These visual memories depict the genuine moments of your life together.

Communication records

Print out or provide screenshots of your email or text exchanges, phone call logs and letters. These records can show the ongoing communication between you and your spouse.

Counseling records

If you have sought marriage counseling or therapy, include records to show your commitment to working through challenges together.

Children’s birth certificates

If you have children together, their birth certificates can be strong evidence of a genuine marriage.

In your application, organize these documents carefully and provide a clear explanation of their significance. A compelling picture of your real and loving marriage should increase your chances of a successful outcome.