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The impact of domestic violence on custody

When it comes to deciding who gets custody of our children, the court’s main focus is on what is best for them.

One significant factor that can greatly affect these decisions is the presence of domestic violence within the family.

1. Child’s safety and well-being

Above all else, the court wants to make sure a child is safe and well. In 2020, Texas incidents of family violence involved 231,029 people. When domestic violence has been a part of the family’s life, it raises serious concerns about whether the child can thrive in such an environment. The court takes into account any history of domestic violence as a direct threat to the child’s physical and emotional safety.

2. Parent-child relationships

Domestic violence can significantly affect the relationships between the child and each parent. Children who witness or experience domestic violence may suffer from trauma, anxiety and a range of emotional issues. This, in turn, can strain the parent-child bond, making it necessary for the court to evaluate the quality of these relationships when deciding custody arrangements.

3. Child custody

In some cases, survivors of domestic violence may find themselves in a custody battle. To have a chance at custody, the aggressor must demonstrate rehabilitation and transformation. The court will assess whether the parent has taken sincere steps to address past actions and provide a safe and nurturing environment for the child.

As survivors, it is important to be aware of the profound influence that domestic violence can have on court decisions and take appropriate steps to address concerns.