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What are the additional charges a person might face for family violence?

A domestic violence charge is often more than just one criminal charge. The prosecutor has the ability to charge a person with other crimes associated with the situation based on the law and circumstances.

Because of this, if you face a family violence charge, you might end up with additional charges against you when you reach court.


One possible charge you might face is assault. This involves intentional or reckless physical harm or threat of physical harm against another person. It could be a felony or misdemeanor.

It is also possible for you to face an elevated charge of aggravated assault if there was serious bodily injury or the assault involved a deadly weapon. This is a felony.

Continuous violence against the family

Continuous violence against the family occurs when during a 12-month time you have had two or more assault charges against a family member. It is a felony.


The prosecutor may pursue a kidnapping charge. It requires abducting another person with intent while using deadly force to gain unlawful control of that person. This is also a felony.

What charges you face is typically left up to the prosecutor to decide. You will know the charges after your arraignment, which is the court hearing where you can enter a plea. The more charges you face for an incident, the more jail or prison time you will face. It is important to understand your charges fully so that you can put together an effective defense or make proper decisions about your pleas.