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How do mediators help in divorce?

Going through divorce is already difficult enough without adding the extra stress of having to take it through the court system.

Fortunately, it is possible to do that via mediation rather than litigation.

What is mediation?

Forbes discusses mediation in divorce. Mediation is an alternative method of divorce that allows a couple to avoid litigation and the court.

It works through a third-party individual called a mediator. This is a neutral third-party professional with no personal connection to either member of the divorcing couple. Through this person, the couple works out the details of their divorce together.

What do mediators do?

Mediators provide several key things to a divorcing couple. First, they can mediate any disputes that may occur. They have strong de-escalation training, allowing them to step in and bring down any arguments before they blow up out of control.

They also offer opinions and advice from their unique perspective. Since they have no attachment to the situation, they can offer unbiased advice.

Finally, they work with the couple to reach the best possible conclusions for matters such as child support or spousal support, custody, asset division and more.

What do they not do?

They do not have the ability to make the final decision for a divorcing couple, which puts a lot of control back into their hands. It is one of the main reasons why people enjoy this as an option.

They also do not aim to repair the relationship between a divorcing couple. They are not here to provide therapy, they are merely there to help the divorce process forward.