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Spousal visa interview tips for success

The spousal visa application can feel intimidating and arduous. When you are unsure of what to expect, it leaves you unprepared. The more you know about the interview process, the easier it is to prepare and approach your appointment with confidence and ease.

There are some important things to consider in the weeks leading up to your interview.

Bring as much documentation as you can

The purpose of the spousal visa interview is to validate the relationship and confirm that the marriage is legitimate. Gather as much information as possible to support your relationship, including photos of vacations, your wedding, the honeymoon and any family events. Include copies of joint account statements, residential lease or mortgage documents and any other records that show you and your spouse represented as a married couple.

Expect a lot of questions

The interview will include extensive questions about your relationship. You may need to provide details about how you met, events and milestones in the relationship, how the proposal happened and unique habits or traits of your spouse. Be calm, honest and consistent in your answers. You might want to rehearse with common questions ahead of time so that you feel more at ease during the interview.

Be prepared for a home visit

As you answer questions, anticipate the home visit as well. Remember that your answers should correlate to your living situation. Be forthcoming and honest about your living situation because the interviewer may assess your home as well.

The spousal visa interview is an important step toward legal status. Consider these tips as you prepare for your interview appointment.