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How can you co-parent with a difficult ex?

If your former spouse is prone to narcissistic tendencies, you will find the parenting process a lot more challenging. Not only can this affect your relationship with your ex, but it will also impact their relationship with the child you share.

As a result, you must take the right steps when co-parenting with a difficult ex. Here are a few smart strategies to try.

Make an effort to avoid conflict

People with narcissistic tendencies often try to create conflict. As a result, it is very easy to get drawn into arguments, even when that is not your intention. In this case, try to establish a formal relationship with your former spouse, one that is solely centered on raising the child you share. And if the person attempts to anger or annoy you, limit emotional responses as much as possible.

Show your child ample love and affection

Parents prone to narcissism can have difficulty expressing love and affection towards others, even their children. As a result, it is crucial that the other parent ensure their child feels loved and secured within the family. This entails providing lots of support, but also making yourself available to listen to your child when they are feeling bad about the situation.

Have a solid parenting plan in place

A good parenting plan can save you a lot of stress, no matter the nature of your parenting relationship. For instance, it will provide you and your ex-spouse with a roadmap regarding things like visitation, school schedules, and other important topics. A legally binding parenting plan also provides legal recourse should one parent fail to follow it.

In this case, take note of any occurrences related to the parenting plan, such as failure to show up for visits as expected. You can take these issues back to court to have the existing plan enforced or altered to benefit all involved.