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Divorce, mediation and preparation for a post-divorce world

You may be facing divorce, but you know your spouse and children better than anyone. So why give up control over your post-divorce objectives to a judge? 

Mediation offers many advantages over litigation and, as an added benefit, provides a blueprint for future goals and family relationships going forward. 

Why mediation

Mediation is a less adversarial choice than litigation for divorce. It is also a private process that takes place outside of court. With the guidance of a mediator, a neutral third party, participants work as a team to develop a satisfactory divorce agreement. Because they have more control over the outcome than they would in a traditional process, experience shows that couples who agree to mediation are less likely to return to court requesting modifications. 

Major points

No matter how complex the divorce, mediation is a good choice for couples who want a less emotional and confrontational approach to their divorce. You can resolve major points such as property division, alimony and child custody matters. This is also a good environment in which to develop a workable parenting plan, keeping in mind that the judge who reviews your divorce agreement will focus on how it serves the best interests of your children. 

Future benefits

If you and your soon-to-be-ex choose mediation, success will depend on your ability to communicate. Interestingly, this skill will serve you well going forward because although your marriage is ending, you will always be parents. You can put the teamwork and communication efforts you experienced in mediation to good use as you share co-parenting responsibilities in a post-divorce world.