Family Law Representation For Same-Sex Marriages

While the U.S. Supreme Court's recognition of same-sex marriages has made great strides toward equality, it has also brought with it many of the same issues faced by traditionally married couples.

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Same-sex marriage legalization means that there are new family law protections for same-sex couples in a wide range of areas, including adoption, immigration, taxes and divorce. We will help you navigate these legal processes to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

Same-Sex Marriage And Immigration

In the past, the common legal advice to same-sex couples was to not marry when immigration was a concern, fearing that a marriage would hurt the individual's chance at obtaining a visa. Because the government did not previously recognize these unions, the immigration process was slow or halted for same-sex couples.

Now that same-sex marriage is legally recognized, same-sex couples are free to marry and complete the immigration process as heterosexual spouses would.

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