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How can you share the costs of co-parenting?

When designing a co-parenting plan, you may go into it expecting to equally split childcare expenses with your former spouse. Even if you and your former spouse have an amicable relationship, fairly splitting childcare costs can be a challenge.

You cannot predict all of a child’s expenses throughout their life. Even if you plan for the typical costs, what happens if your child takes up a new sport or hobby? How do you cover unplanned expenses?

Start by communicating with your ex

Talk about unexpected costs in advance. Some parents can come up with a plan for most expenses. For example, you may decide that if your child ruins a pair of clothes or loses important belongings while with you, you replace them and the same goes for your ex.

Agreeing on expenses will not always be easy, however. You and your spouse may disagree on what your kids need. If you feel passionate about an activity, you may decide to fit the bill yourself.

Keep your children as the priority

Try not to find yourself too caught up in who pays what for your child. Devise a plan to split costs fairly, but always prioritize the kids’ needs. If you and your spouse cannot afford extracurricular expenses, talk to your kids about it, but be careful not to overshare. Do not call your ex cheap or complain about other costs associated with the divorce.

When you work with your ex, both of you will feel like you have more financial control.