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Staying focused in your career while navigating a divorce

A divorce can impact a lot of areas of your life from friendships to finances to your career. Managing your job while navigating the often-complex process of splitting from your spouse requires focus.

Knowing how to separate your personal life and professional obligations might improve your productivity in the workplace. With the right strategy, you can prevent your split from jeopardizing your career success.

Designate the time for divorce

Depending on your circumstances, the time it takes to legally separate from your spouse could take anywhere from a few months to several years. Divorce-related matters might seem to make their way into every hour of every day if you are not careful. In preparation for the onslaught of communication regarding your split, set aside time to handle such obligations.

Collaborate with your legal team to identify times for communication that will not interfere with your job. According to CNBC, a staggering 44% of divorcees who participated in a survey reported that their split negatively impacted their careers. Your ability to keep the two events separate may minimize the impact of your divorce on your ability to perform at your job.

Refrain from oversharing

You may want to talk to people about the situation you are going through. However, the workplace is not the most appropriate place to discuss your divorce. Oversharing details of your split could result in embarrassment or harm your reputation.

Saying too much or talking to the wrong people could jeopardize your settlement later. Keeping the details private will allow you to go about your work-related business without the pressure and expectations of those who want to know more about your split because of the drama factor.

Using caution in what you do or say about your divorce while at work can protect your career. This way you can remain in control and continually optimistic about your future.