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Is your spouse attempting to hide assets?

Asset hiding is one of the major known issues that may plague a couple during divorce. This is an act of deception where a spouse attempts to actively or passively hide the source or entirety of an asset.

How do you know if your spouse is attempting to do this? Fortunately, there are some red flags you can keep an eye out for.

Changes in spending habits

When a person hides assets actively, they usually leave the most red flags behind. This is because of the time and effort that it takes to hide these assets.

One of the first red flags is a change in how they manage their finances. Do they suddenly spend far less than they used to? It could indicate that they are attempting to save up as much as possible, or are hiding away the amounts that they would normally spend.

What if they seem to be purchasing more than usual? This could also indicate asset hiding, as one of the most popular methods involves buying big-ticket items with the intention of returning them after the divorce finishes to get that money back.

Secretive behavioral changes

They may also act more furtive about their finances in general. If they suddenly clam up and do not want to share even a receipt with you, it could point to trouble.

Forbes dives into assets often hidden in plain sight, too. These are harder to pinpoint because they do not involve the same level of dedication of active asset hiding. With these assets, a spouse will simply remember an oft-forgotten asset – such as airline mileage or country club membership – and will not remind you about it.