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5 social media mistakes to avoid in your Texas divorce

Spending time online is a wildly popular pastime, so there is no surprise that social media may play a role in your divorce.

Avoiding these five social media mistakes may benefit your position in your Texas divorce.

1. Speaking negatively about your ex

As you feel a full spectrum of emotions about your ex and the divorce process, you may feel the need to vent your frustrations to the world. Instead of sharing your feelings with everyone on social media, try to limit your sharing to a small circle of confidants.

2. Posting embarrassing stories or photos

Marriage is perhaps the most intimate relationship between two people. Throughout your marriage, you have likely accumulated some embarrassing stories and photos. You might feel like sharing them is a good way to get back at your ex, but doing so can actually diminish your leverage in the divorce.

3. Oversharing

Chances are, you cannot trust 100% of your followers on social media. Just because you think you are sharing your posts privately with friends and family does not mean one or more of them will not share the content with your ex.

4. Sharing pictures that portray you negatively

You should avoid sharing pictures that may make you look bad as a general rule, not just during a divorce. Appearances are powerful, so exercise caution before posting photos online.

5. Referencing expensive purchases

How you spend your money is your decision. However, if you are petitioning for spousal maintenance or child support, the judge may not feel inclined to grant your request if you are flaunting big-ticket purchases online.

A divorce is an emotionally charged experience. Do your best to avoid these five social media faux pas to protect your image and standing in the divorce.