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What programs can help you as a domestic violence victim?

The state provides various programs to assist people who have been involved in a domestic violence situation and need help to stay safe or financially sound.

The Texas Attorney General offers multiple options for programs and assistance for victims of domestic violence of which you may be able to take advantage.

Statewide Automated Victim Notification System

The SAVNS will send you alerts when the other party in your case gets out of jail or prison. It also provides you with notices of court dates and other proceedings in the case. The expenses the CVC may help with include everything from medical bills to relocation costs.

Address Confidentiality Program

The ACP will help ensure your address stays confidential for your safety. This program aims to give you a chance to rebuild without issues after a domestic violence incident. Do keep in mind this is not a protection program as the AOG cannot guarantee your safety even if you are part of the program. You will need to complete an application to join the ACP.

Pseudonym form

Getting a pseudonym helps to keep your personal identifying information from becoming public in your case. It applies to various records that the public could access and allows you to use a fake name. You do have to complete a form to get this service.

Crime Victims’ Compensation program

The CVC provides financial help to people who are victims of crimes. It reimburses the expenses you may have had due to being a crime victim. You will need to complete an application and you have to cooperate with the investigation into your case to receive benefits.