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3 actions to take before revealing your divorce plans

You ultimately decided that your marriage to your spouse is no longer salvageable, and you wish to terminate the relationship. Now that you are getting a divorce, you might wonder what steps to take first.

Although the divorce process can seem overwhelming, prepare yourself for success by following these actions.

1. Compile important documents.

Gather paperwork related to your life insurance, estate planning and marriage (e.g., prenuptial agreements and marriage license). Other essential information to include as you compile your documents are deeds, vehicle titles, a recent credit report, and your log-in information for joint accounts.

2. Begin to separate your life.

Take steps to start a life of your own such as opening up your bank account (wait to move funds from joint accounts) and creating an itemized list of personal items (e.g., family heirlooms and inheritances). Think about where you want mail related to your divorce sent so your spouse will not have access. Open a P.O. box or ask a close family member to use their address.

At this time, also decide on your living arrangement. If living with your spouse during this is not an option, you must decide who will remain in the marital home during the pending divorce.

3. Organize your financials.

As you start a documents file, add important financial information such as mortgages, bank accounts, retirement plans, tax returns, student loans, stocks, vehicles and more. Collecting all this information now will help you in the divorce process later.

Adding the steps above to your checklist will help you stay organized and grounded as you seek a fair outcome in your divorce.