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Who does joint custody work for?

Joint custody has many studies backing up the amount of good it could potentially do for children of divorce and their parents.

However, just because it works for many people does not mean it works for everyone. Who does this type of custody work for?

People with trust and cooperation

Psychology Today discusses the numerous benefits attributed to joint custody. Of course, in order to achieve these benefits, it is important for the couple to reach a base agreement first.

In order for joint custody to work, parents need to have some level of trust and ability to cooperate with one another. Of course, it is not necessary for the ex-couple to be friends or even overly friendly. However, overt hostility or an inability to cooperate at all will only further stress out a child.

Parents with equal access to their child

Joint custody also works best if both parents have equal access to their child. If one parent will spend a lot of time away due to their service in the military, joint custody might not be the best option for the time being. The same goes for situations where one parent may face incarceration or drug or alcohol rehabilitation. It is possible to switch to joint custody later.

Parents who value their child’s best interest

Finally, both parents need to have the child’s best intentions in mind. If one parent is currently under investigation for any instances of abuse or neglect toward any person, it is best not to have them in contact with the child until the matter gets resolved.

Choosing a custody option is a highly personal matter and will differ from family to family. It is important to choose what will suit the child best, ultimately.