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What is the Violence Against Women Act?

Domestic violence is a massive problem. Its impact is more than physical. The emotional scars are equally noteworthy.

The Violence Against Women Act exists to curb this pernicious danger. The VAWA provides more than a few protections designed to end relationship abuse.

Protections the VAWA offers

Crossing state lines is no longer a shield that perpetrators may use. Among its other provisions, the bill makes stalking a criminal offense in every state. It also doubles federal penalties for repeat sex offenders.

Further, the bill dedicates money to rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters. Funds similarly get disbursed to transitional housing efforts and dedicated legal help programs.

The VAWA demands enhanced training for anyone working with intimate partner violence victims. Programs targeting Native Americans and LGTBQ+ people exist thanks to the VAWA.

Protections the VAWA needs

Despite all the VAWA does, some insist it should be stronger. Particular advocates believe honor killings need inclusion. Others insist forced child marriage is the matter most deserving of attention.

Female genital mutilation is closely associated with Africa. Nonetheless, students of the topic estimate that 500,000 females in the United States are at risk. Some academics propose that the VAWA address this issue.

Still, enhancements to the VAWA happen every time it gets renewed. One recent amendment to the bill, for example, recognizes the matter of revenge porn.

With everything the VAWA does, there is no doubt it is part of the solution to ending domestic violence. These results give hope that such behavior will disappear even further.