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How do child custody battles affect your mental health?

Divorce rates are high in the U.S. When a divorce becomes inevitable, you no doubt have a psychological impact on everyone in the family.  While divorce may be the only option and the ideal option for the health and wellness of the family, you still have to deal with the fallout of your emotional state.

You may suffer more if you and your spouse cannot agree on custody or if your ex wants to battle you for it. According to the CCBI, divorce can feel traumatic for all parties.

The likelihood of custody battles

There are some cases where custody battles are more likely. For example, custody battles are every day in most of those situations where the woman suffered abuse from the male partner. Over half of all divorced mothers do not receive child support.

The damage of custody battles

Fighting over your children results in a lot of painful feelings. You may undergo stress, anxiety and fear that you may lose custody of your kids or see them less. You may worry about how the relationship between you and your children can continue to grow.

Between men and women, women tend to have more self-confidence after a divorce and may rely more heavily on social support systems. However, women may experience less compassion if they have to work or do not have custody of their children. When women lose custody, they often feel they failed their children.

Men, on the other hand, tend to have more difficulties adjusting emotionally to a divorce. They may act negatively about the divorce and worry about interrupting their parental role in their children’s lives.

Children do better when parents do not battle for custody and instead agree.