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What is the latest rule from the federal government to help asylees?

Immigration policies in the United States are often changing. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced new changes impacting those seeking asylum on March 24, 2022.

In an effort to more quickly move people through the asylum process, the agency will expedite cases marked for removal. The process will enable authorities to quickly identify those who meet the criteria and receive asylum from those who do not.

The process

The change will allow officers to look over applications specifically for anyone facing removal to ensure those eligible for asylum have their requests granted. It will help bypass the long wait times of the old procedures, which required an immigration judge to decide the cases.

Immigration courts have long backlogs, so judges can take years to decide a claim. With asylum officers handling the caseload, it will not only expedite asylum claims but move the whole immigration court schedule along more quickly. Authorities expect the process to now only take a few months.

Not meeting criteria

Those who do not meet the criteria for asylum and who are subject to removal will have to leave the country.

The need for change

There has been a need for something to happen with the asylum process for a while. This rule change will go a long way towards helping to improve the system. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the changes add functionality to the system and ensure quick protection for those who qualify under U.S. law for asylum.

Anyone who is currently on the list for removal and is awaiting an asylum hearing will go through the new process. It should help move things along more swiftly, providing answers to individuals who are looking to build a new life in the country.