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Do I need to replace my green card?

Once you secure a green card to allow you permanent lawful resident status, you may think the work is over, and you can move on. However, there are certain circumstances that will require you to replace your green card.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, all green cards have an expiration date. It is your job to pay attention and replace it before it expires. There are some additional issues that may occur where a replacement is necessary.

Change in circumstances

If you got your green card as a commuter but you are moving to the US, then you need a replacement. The same is true if you went from living in the country to just being a commuter.

If your status changes to permanent resident, you will need a new card. You also need to replace your card if the US changes the form of the green card.

If you change your name or the card has incorrect information, then you need a replacement. You also must replace your green card if you receive it before age 14 once you turn 14 years old.

Other issues

If your green card suffers damage, then you must replace it. If you lost it or someone stole it, you also need to get a new one and report it to the USCIS.

At some point, you will have to replace your green card because of the expiration. Make sure that you replace your card as soon as you become aware you need to do so. Staying on top of things will help you to avoid immigration issues.