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How can I co-parent effectively with my ex?

One of the hardest aspects of divorce is parenting with your former spouse. That is why developing a suitable co-parenting arrangement is such a crucial aspect of the process.

However, it is possible to navigate common parenting issues with your ex while also alleviating conflict. Parents offer the following co-parenting tips to help you get through this challenging time.

Develop a parenting schedule that makes sense for everyone

You naturally want to spend as much time with your child as possible. However, that is often difficult when dealing with work and other obligations. Instead of focusing on dividing custody time right down the middle, think about how much time you can reasonably spend with your child. You can also look for other times of togetherness, such as dropping your child off at school in the morning before work.

Give yourself time to think before responding angrily

No matter how much you try, you will find yourself in debates and arguments with your ex regarding child-rearing topics. While it is normal to become angry about these issues, do not let your temper take over. This is especially true when your child is present, who will experience significant emotional effects of stress and conflict levels remain high. Give yourself time to cool down before responding angrily, and try to see things from your ex’s point of view whenever possible.

Revisit your plan as needed as your life changes

Even the best parenting plan will need updating from time to time. This usually occurs when there are changes in your employment, or your child grows older and becomes more independent. You should check in with your ex and your kids every few months or so to ensure the arrangement is satisfactory for everyone.

No matter what happens, try to remain hopeful about the future. By maintaining a positive perspective, you will also help your child cope with the changes to their life.