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Why did your green card application get denied?

When applying for your green card, you must prepare for a potentially difficult journey full of ups and downs. It takes money and time to go through the application process, and it is often a major source of stress for those applying.

Thus, it often feels crushing if you end up facing an application denial. You want to limit your chances of this happening by understanding some of the most common reasons that applications end up denied in the first place.

Insufficient funds and not establishing authentic marriage

The Department of Homeland Security examines reasons that green card applications may end up denied. First, you need sufficient funds. This applies to marriage-based green cards first and foremost. You must prove that your spouse has the ability to financially care for you and meet your needs. They can prove this through pay stubs and federal income tax reports.

Next, you need to establish an authentic marriage. Again, this applies to marriage-based green cards. There are several situations in which you may struggle to establish this. For example, if the country you got married in does not recognize your union, your marriage may not qualify. The same goes for if you went through a divorce that has yet to get finalized.

Turning in an error-filled application

Pay attention to errors, too. This is actually the most common reason for green card application denial. Make sure you did not make any common errors such as not fully filling out the forms, failing to translate documents, failing to provide all needed signatures, or submitting photos that do not meet government requirements. Get legal help to go over your application with you and ensure you did not do these things.