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What are some hidden signs of domestic abuse?

Many signs of abuse may go unnoticed by those around a person if the abuser is careful about how he or she acts.  

Domestic abuse, both emotionally and mentally, is important to notice and stop before it escalates.  

Threats and anger

According to the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, covert threats and intimidating actions often make victims feel unsafe in their own homes. These statements can range from heavily criticizing your goals in life to hitting or kicking another object near you while you both argue.  

Your spouse may start fights or yell loudly over you in order to intimidate you. Although some level of disagreement is normal in a marriage, constant harassment is dangerous and abusive.  

Purposeful embarrassment

Purposefully making fun of or embarrassing another person can be a sign of a more sinister marital issue. If your spouse mocks you in front of others or frequently makes you the butt of the joke, even when you tell him or her to stop, it may be abuse.  

This can happen mainly in private when no one else is around to hear it. However, it can also occur in front of friends or other people you both are close to. 

Controlling behavior

Limiting access to material possessions you both share, such as a phone or car, is one way for abuse to occur. Your partner may also try to prevent you from seeing or talking to your friends or relatives.  

He or she may appear jealous or have unreasonable complaints that you are cheating whenever you leave the house. These manipulative tactics are a sign of domestic abuse.