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What is a Texas protective order?

In Texas, victims of stalking, violence, sexual abuse can apply for a protective order. Different types of protective orders can cover a variety of abuses. This includes dating violence, domestic abuse, stalking and sexual assault. 

A protective order, according to Texas Law Help, is to prevent an abuser from accessing or harassing the alleged victim. 

What does a protective order accomplish? 

This is a court order that instructs the defendant on what he or she cannot do. When there is a PO in place, a judge may order that the abuser cannot: 

  • Carry a gun, even if licensed 
  • Hurt, harass or threaten the victim or the victim’s children 
  • Use another person to harass the victim 
  • Go to a person’s home, his or her family’s home, workplace or children’s school 

Also, the judge may order that the abuser complies with other terms. For instance, an abuser may still have to pay child or medical support. He or she may have to attend anger management classes, undergo drug testing or attend a rehab or substance abuse treatment program. If the offender lives with the victim, he or she may have to leave the home. 

How can a person obtain a protective order? 

There are several ways that a person can apply for a protective order. A victim may call his or her local county or district attorney’s office. He or she may also contact a local family violence shelter. 

To receive a protective order, a person must show that there has been violence or that the violence may continue in the future.