Cooperation, civility and the divorce process

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When people think about the process of getting divorced, they likely have visions of hostility, bitter custody battles and disputes over financial matters. This is a reality for many people who bring their marriage to an end, but it is not always the case. Some couples have the ability to work together on key divorce issues. Moreover, even those who are in the middle of a bitter divorce can often take steps to improve the outcome of their divorce and simplify the process by reaching out to their ex and trying to find common ground.

For couples who are able to take advantage of the collaborative process, divorce is often less time-consuming and emotional. This is especially vital for those who have kids in the middle of their divorce. Even when collaborative divorce is not on the table, taking steps to smooth things out with one’s ex is a smart move. Maintaining a certain level of civility during divorce, even amid combative issues such as disputes over child custody, allows many people to reduce friction and decrease the likelihood of additional problems.

Our law office fully understands that some spouses are nearly impossible to work with and every divorce has different pressures. It is also important for you to stand your ground and prevent your ex from interfering with your rights to custody or your fair share of marital property. Having a clear understanding of your rights and the best way to approach your divorce will help in this regard. Review our website to go over many other topics related to getting a divorce and handling post-divorce family law concerns.